Which Famous Genius Do You Think Like?

Throughout history, there have been many brilliant minds. Some of them have come and gone but others still are here today. Not only does a genius tend to have a higher IQ, they also tend to think differently than most people. Some people may consider it to be “out-of-the-box thinking” but for others, it may just be looking at things a certain way that helps them to figure things out quickly and easily.

Although you may not consider yourself to be a genius, you may have something in common with those individuals who are geniuses. When you think like they do, you may be able to reason things out easier than others around you. So which genius in human history do you think like? This little test can help you to determine the answer to that question. Simply answer the questions and find the answer.

A genius may be defined in a number of different ways. Typically, it is an individual who is exceptionally intelligent but the IQ may not tell the entire story. In some cases, they may be creative or have other abilities that exceed those of most people. By sharing some of their qualities, you share their strengths as well.

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