This Puzzle Is Stumping The Internet. Are You Able To Figure It Out?

The Internet is a rather interesting place to hang out. We get to hear the latest from our friends and family on social media and to read the news that takes place around the world in real time. Every once in a while, we are also posed with a rather interesting question and it is a real challenge to figure out the answer. Perhaps it is an IQ test or an Internet eye test that catches our attention. When you really stop to think about it, those tests are very difficult to let slip by without taking them yourself!
Sometimes, these quizzes can be so difficult that they are practically impossible to figure out on the first try. Even though you may have graduated many years ago, you will suddenly feel like you are back in class again, trying desperately to figure out the answer before someone discovers you are really just sitting there scratching your head over it!

You are about to have one of those moments. Doesn’t matter what you are doing right now, you have got to stop and try this brainteaser for yourself. Don’t cheat and look up the answer, simply grab some scratch paper, pencil and start doing the math for yourself. This isn’t a long quiz but it is something that is taking the Internet by surprise because it is practically impossible to figure out on the first guess.

This isn’t one of those simple Internet quizzes that people “claim” is too difficult to solve. University researchers took part in a Japanese study that showed that 60% of engineers who tried this problem got the correct answer. They were in their early 20s, so they were fresh out of college and still had all of that academic experience floating around in their head.

What does this prove? The fact that 40% did not even have the most rudimentary math skills!

You’re going to need to look back on math class in high school and the basic rules of solving these types of equations if you want to have any success. Don’t worry, nobody is going to grade you on this but if you are able to figure it out, you’ll have some bragging rights. Go ahead and announce your smartness all over Facebook and amaze your friends that 40% of all engineers tested were unable to answer.

If you’re ready to know the answer and learn how to do the math, watch this video. Just remember, you can’t un-see it!

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