This Quiz Is Stumping Everyone Online. Will You Be The First To Solve It?

Something that many people appreciate is a good puzzle. For some, it is a matter of having a jigsaw puzzle that they put together over time and for others, it could be solving a puzzle on a piece of paper. The Internet has really taken this and run with it, because there are online quizzes available that are sometimes really difficult to solve. That is the case with this particular math quiz.

When you first look at it, you may wonder what is so difficult about solving it? Although it may look somewhat simplistic on the surface, it is estimated that only one out of every 1000 individuals are going to pass the test. That is what makes this one so popular, and people have been passing this around on Facebook looking for the answer.

It really has to do with the sequence of numbers and if you are someone that prides themselves on your mathematical abilities, you may be able to brush through it and come up with the answer eventually. Some people also suggest that you think outside of the box because it does take a bit of originality in order to come up with the right answer.

Add up the sequence of numbers and come up with a final answer

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