Which Duck Dynasty Character Are You?

If you watch any TV at all, you are likely familiar with some of the more popular shows. One of those shows has been Duck Dynasty, and we have watched it for years. During that time, we have become familiar with the characters and the different situations that typically come up. It can be rather amusing, especially when the boys are involved but at the same time, the show typically tries to tie in a good message as well.

When you watch Duck Dynasty, do you feel as if you identify with one of the characters more than the others? Perhaps you feel as if you are the strong, take charge type like the father or you may be happy go lucky, like Uncle Si. If you are interested in seeing which of the Robertsons are most like you, this little quiz is waiting.

This personality quiz is easy to take and, provided you answer the questions as honestly as possible, it is highly accurate. You might even be surprised with the character that is chosen for you, but don’t be shocked if your friends are not as surprised as you. So which of the Robertsons are you? It’s time to find out.

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