Which Stephen King’s Carrie character are you?

There have been many authors throughout history but one of the most popular of all time is Stephen King. Since he began writing in 1967, he has completed many different books including short books, novels, science fiction, supernatural fiction, horror and fantasy. It is likely that you have read one of his books or perhaps you have read all of them. If you haven’t read one of his books, then you likely have seen one of his films.

Although there have been a number of notable books of his throughout the years, Carrie is one of the most popular. In fact, that was his first book and most people don’t know that he actually threw the manuscript away! It wasn’t until his wife talked him into finishing the book and even pulled the manuscript out of the garbage that it saw its full potential.

If you have ever seen the film Carrie or if you have read the book, you know that there are a number of notable characters. This little test can help you to determine which of those Stephen King characters are most like you. Are you ready to find out? Let’s get started!


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