This Colour Test Will Reveal The Truth About Your Intelligence Type

Many of us would consider ourselves to be intelligent, although our intelligence certainly may differ from that of others. In order to understand ourselves properly, therefore, we need to have a greater understanding of our level of intelligence and even the type of intelligence that we possess. This test helps you to discover what type of intelligence you have and it does so by using a beautiful, colourful interface.

When most people think about intelligence, they tend to equate it to “book smarts” but in reality, there are many types of intelligence that a person could possess. In some cases, they may have more of a logical sense and could be considered mathematically intelligent but in other cases, they could be intelligent as far as their abstract reasoning or even their common sense is concerned. It is unusual for someone to possess every type of intelligence at the same level, so determining which is your dominant intelligence is important.

This test is not only going to teach you a lot about yourself and what makes you tick, it is fun to take as well. Simply follow along with the video, have some fun and enjoy the analysis at the end.

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