The Grammar Police Are Watching – Can You Pass The Test?

The challenge that online quizzes provide for us is often enough to keep us coming back for more. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about an interesting riddle, a maths problem or even a hidden picture, it is something that helps us to pass the time and it sharpens the skills as well. This particular quiz, however, is gaining popularity online for a different reason.

It wasn’t all that long ago that grammar was an important part of our education from a very young age. Today, it is still taught in school but they are fighting an uphill battle. After all, we rarely ever communicate the same way that we did years ago and we may find that we are text messaging or sending messages on Facebook more frequently than talking to somebody face-to-face. That has led to some grammar issues that are difficult to overcome.

This test may be short but it is going to speak volumes at the end. It will help to reveal if you are qualified to be a grammar sheriff because of your excellent grasp of English or if you tend to misuse words regularly. How will you fare? Let’s find out.

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