There Is A Four-Leaf Clover Hiding In This Picture. Can You Find It?

Puzzles are more than just a fun way to pass some time, they also provide an excellent way for you to hone your skills. Of course, you have a number of different types of puzzles to choose from, including those that test your maths skills, English skills and even your visual skills. In this particular test, it is your visual skills that are being tested and they will be tested to the limit.

What could possibly be better than a bunch of cartoon pigs chewing happily on some clovers in the middle of a green field? If you take that image and turn it into a lovely puzzle! That is what you have in this image, and hidden somewhere in it is a four leaf clover. Do you feel lucky enough to find it? Let’s see!

Four leaf clovers are rare in comparison to their three leaf cousins. In nature, there are also additional leaves on some clovers. Each leaf represent something different, with the first representing hope, the second, faith, the third, love and the fourth is for good luck. If there is a fifth leaf, it represents money! Unfortunately, there is no five leaf Clovers in this image for you but there is a four leaf clover. Go find it!


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