Only A True Genius Can Understand The Mystery Behind These Equations

Something that many of us have in common is the fact that we would like to consider ourselves to be intelligent individuals. Although it certainly may be true that we are intelligent, there is a difference between having a lot of knowledge and being a genius. In most cases, it is necessary for you to be tested in order to be considered a true genius.

If you’re looking for a simple test that will allow you to determine if you are a genius or not, this intelligence quiz is an easy one to do. The numbers are quite difficult and it may not make sense when you first look at it, but there is some logic to the equations.

Don’t give up if you don’t first understand what you are seeing. Continue to work with the numbers and, if you have what it takes, they will eventually come into sharp focus. You can then follow through to the next page to see if you are correct


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