Millions On Facebook Are Stumped By This Maths Question. How Will You Do?

What was your favourite subject when you were in school? For many of us, we can break it down into some of the more basic and common school subjects, including English, history, science and physical education. Of course, we wouldn’t want to leave mathematics out of the mix and for many of us, it was probably our favourite subject.

There is nothing quite like working with numbers, because it presents a rather unique challenge. Maths can be thought of in many different ways and we will use it throughout our lives in ways that we could not possibly even imagine. Unfortunately, some people spend their time in maths class complaining about how they were never going to use it, but after you reach adulthood, you recognise the benefits of learning this difficult subject.

Maths can also be mysterious, as you are about to see in this difficult riddle. Some people are able to understand it easily but the vast majority of people are struggling to come up with the answer. How will you do? Give it a shot and then check the next page for the solution.


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