What Is Your Medieval Name? Use Your Birthday To Discover

Imagine if you could take a step back in time to the Middle Ages, a time that is typically referred to as the medieval period. This time period ranged from the fifth to the 15th century and started at the fall of the Roman Empire. It eventually ended up in the Renaissance and then on to the age of discovery. Many of us think it would be fascinating to visit that time, although it may not be fascinating to live there.

A number of problems occurred during the medieval time, including a decline in the population, invasions into various lands and mass movements of individuals and entire civilizations. Still, there is much romance that surrounds the time period, especially when it comes to the language. We may ponder what it would’ve been like to live back then, including what our name would’ve been.

This little quiz can help you to determine your medieval name. You only need to know your birthday, which is probably the first date that you learned as a youngster. Simply look at the image below to determine your medieval name. You might be surprised what you get.

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