A Simple Number Puzzle That Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Maths

There is nothing quite like doing a good puzzle. They challenge us to do our best and some research even says they can make us better in a number of ways. Many of us will have a preference on what type of puzzle we enjoy doing, and there are many types to choose from. Some of the more popular puzzles include jigsaw, crossword, word find, Sudoku and riddles.

When you first look at this puzzle, you might just think that the solution is so easy, it isn’t even worth your time trying. After all, it appears to be a simple maths puzzle, one that could be solved by any 3rd grader. As they say, however, looks can be deceiving, so doing just jump in with both feet and throw out the first thought that comes to mind. This puzzle has nothing to do with maths!

Take some time to study the puzzle and do your best to think outside of the box. There is a perfectly logical solution to this problem, although it is elusive for most people who look at it. Just keep in mind that once you know see the answer, your chance to solve the puzzle is gone forever.

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