Which Stephen King Heroine are You?

There are many people who appreciate the works of Stephen King, and for some of us, we grew up on his imagination and still thrill to read his books to this day. Of course, we recognize the fact that these thrillers are not part of real life, but we often imagine what it would be like if they were in real life. That is why this quiz is certain to be one you will love.

Although there are many different characters in Stephen King’s works, it is likely that we may associate with one of those characters more than others. At times, we may not be able to identify which of those characters we are. This little quiz can help you to determine which character is most like you, and considering he has written over 50 books, that is no small feat.

So where do you think you will fit into the mix? Will you be Carrie, creating devastation on prom night or perhaps you may even be Church from Pet Cemetery. It only takes a few minutes to answer these simple questions, and then you can begin to live your life as if you are part of one of his thrillers.


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