Which “Big Bang Theory” Geek Are You?

Can you remember back in high school when it seemed as if everybody was separated into a specific group? Although there may have been a number of different groups, the two largest were absolutely the jocks and the nerds. They tended to be at odds with each other on a regular basis, but for most of us, we have a little bit of each of those groups within us. Although we may not readily admit that we are a nerd, we may have those tendencies that show up every once in a while.

Since many of us have a little bit of nerd in us, it is easy to see why the Big Bang Theory television show was so popular. Many of us could relate to it on a personal level and in some way or another, we could laugh at it, even if we were laughing at it a little bit uncomfortably.

If you are somebody that enjoys the show and you tend to relate to it on a personal level, you probably have a character that appeals to you more than the others. This quiz can help to take it to the next level by determining the Big Bang Theory character that is most like you. Go ahead and take the test, you will be amazed with what is waiting at the end.


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