Which Big Bang Theory Character Are You?

There have been many funny shows on television throughout the years, but you would have a difficult time topping what was available with The Big Bang Theory. The American sitcom gained a worldwide audience, and many of us would not miss a show, regardless of what else might be taking place. We enjoy watching it on reruns and we laugh at the same old shows, just as if it were the first time we were seeing them.

Primarily, the show centers on 5 characters that live in Pasadena, California. Those characters include Sheldon and Leonard, who are both physicists at Caltech and live in an apartment together. Their friends and coworkers include an astrophysicist, Raj, and Howard, the aerospace engineer. The main characters also include a waitress, Penny, who lives across the hall. A number of supporting characters have also been included and promoted to primary characters in the show.

After you watch a show, such as The Big Bang Theory for a while, you become quite familiar with the characters. Perhaps you may even identify with one of the characters, whether you would like to admit it or not. This simple quiz can help to show you which of those characters are most like you.


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