Do You Really Know EVERYTHING about Stephen King?

There have been many noteworthy authors throughout the years but Stephen King is the most successful writer in history. There are very few people who can say with truthfulness that they have never read one of his books or, at the very least, watched one of the movies. They are absolutely brilliant, and include well-known titles, such as The Dark Tower, Carrie and The Shining. More than likely, you have a favorite and you may indulge yourself by reading others regularly.

Some people are casual fans of Stephen King and they may know some of his more noteworthy characters but if you are a true fan, you will pride yourself on your knowledge about the man and his work. If you are somebody who feels as if you know Stephen King better than most, these 20 questions are going to be right up your alley. Take a look down through them and give it your best shot.

Going down through this list is not only going to help you to test your knowledge about Stephen King, it will also help to heighten your appreciation for the work that he provides. You may or may not get all of them right, but you will certainly walk away as a winner.


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