What kind of Vampire are You?

If you watch any amount of television or if you go to the films, you are going to see that vampires play a part in many of them. In fact, some of the most popular shows today involve vampires and they are extremely popular. If you are someone who enjoys those shows, you are sure to love this quiz. It helps you identify what type of vampire you are. All you have to do is answer some easy questions.

As you probably already know, the types of vampires vary from one to another. Some are going to be somewhat friendly, others may be romantic and still others are pure evil. Of course, you are probably hoping that you don’t fall into that last category but you will never know until you take the test. It only takes a moment and when it is finished it will spit out the answer automatically.

A vampire is a part of folklore that has been around for many years. Although they are a big part of many modern day films and TV shows, they became popular around 200 years ago. In fact, at one point, the superstition actually led to mass hysteria in Europe!