Can You Identify The Movie Location on Google Maps?

When many of us are trying to navigate our way around town or perhaps even planning a vacation, the first thing that we will do is open up Google maps. It is absolutely brilliant, but there is much more to it than finding your way from point A to point B. As a matter of fact, some people use Google maps in an entirely different manner and they take little mini-trips without ever leaving their computer.

If you have never searched Google maps before to find interesting places, you are really missing out on a lot of fun. Regardless of whether you have done it before or not, you will enjoy taking this test and trying to identify the film locations that have been pulled from the maps on Google. Not only is it a lot of fun, it can really test your skill when it comes to being a film buff.

Some of these locations may be fairly easy to identify but others could be quite difficult. Thanks to the passage of time and the magic of Hollywood, they may look quite different on Google maps than they did on the big screen. Test your knowledge below by looking at these images.