How Many Legs Do You See In This Picture? This One Is Tough!

Riddles are rather interesting and they certainly can help to pass a difficult or slow day. Many of us do them because we find them challenging or perhaps because they help to keep our mind sharp. In either case, a good riddle has the ability to provide those benefits and much more. Scientific research even backs that fact up!

Once you begin doing riddles, you also find that they can be quite addictive as well. After all, there is a measurable amount of enjoyment to solving the riddle and it can even involve the various brain chemicals and the effect that they have on the pleasure center of the brain. Solving riddles provides a minimum amount of euphoria, but it is enough to keep you coming back for more. Fortunately, the benefits of riddles will always be there for you as well.

This little riddle is fooling a lot of people because this is not only a difficult question, it involves an optical illusion as well. How many legs do you see in this image? When you think you know, check the next page for the proper answer.


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