Are You A Realist Or An Idealist? This Little Quiz Will Let You Know

There is an old question that we have heard many times in the past, and the answer to the question can tell us allot about ourselves or others. It is, ” Is the glass half empty or is it half full?” Depending on how you answer the question, you can either be considered an idealist or a realist. This little quiz can do the same thing, and it does it in an amazing way.

Often, it is not only the reality of the world around us that shapes our opinions, it is our perception of things that does so as well. For example, when we look at a beautiful sunrise and are asked to describe the colors, our perception of color may be quite different than someone standing right beside us. In fact, it is colors that are a big part of this little test.

How do you associate color with various concepts? More than likely, you have not given it much thought but the fact is, it is a very important question. The idea of how this works is quite amazing and as you take this test, you will find both the test and how it interprets it to be fascinating.

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