Can You Tell Which Number Is Missing?

There are many different subjects that we may excel at in school. Some people may be good at history, others may be good at science but one that is a favourite of many people is maths. It seems as if it not only presents a challenge that people appreciate, it also can help us in many different areas of life. At times, it can also present an interesting diversion.

Regardless of whether you enjoy maths or not, you are going to appreciate this puzzle. It may seem somewhat simple on the surface, you just look down through the numbers and try to figure out which one is missing. Perhaps you think that you will be able to get it in a matter of a few seconds, but most people can’t. In fact, this simple puzzle has even stumped many people who were convinced that they could do it.

This isn’t only a matter of being able to find the number that is missing, it’s a matter of finding it immediately. Take a close look and see what you see. Are you able to find it quickly? Many people can’t.

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