Which Classic Literary Character Are You?

If you are somebody that loves reading, you likely have your favourite books, authors and even characters. For many of us, reading is not only a way to pass the time but it actually puts us in the middle of the story and we become a part of it in a large way. That is why it is not unusual for us to begin to associate with the characters in the book, and this quiz is designed to help you decide which one you most identify with.

The beautiful thing about these classic literary characters is the fact that they span such a large description base. You may have some that are funny, others that are serious and still others that may be somewhat devious. All you have to do is answer the questions in this short quiz and it will allow you to see which of those characters you fall under.

Why can it be a benefit to take a quiz such as this? For one thing, it can tell you something about your personality and how you may be perceived by others. Even more important for the book lover, however, is the fact that it may introduce you to another book that could even become your favourite.