Which Celebrity Would Voice Your Dog In A Movie?

If you have a dog in the home, there is something that you likely do that has been done by dog owners since the dawn of time. We tend to humanize the animal and, although they certainly do show some human tendencies, one thing they can’t do is talk. That is where we come in. We have all given our dog a human voice and we may even speak that voice for them regularly. How accurate do you think it is?

Take a moment to picture how your dog would sound in your mind. More than likely, it is a familiar voice, perhaps even one of a celebrity. How accurate do you think that voice is? This little test is designed to help you know what your dog would really sound like if they were able to speak like a human. It chooses various celebrities, and you will be surprised with its accuracy in comparison with the personality of your pooch.

Many of us feel as if we could not be any closer to our dog, but tests, such as this one, can really make a difference. It helps us to understand our dog a little better and, in many cases, it makes us love them even more.

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