Nobody I Knew Could Solve This One. How Will You Do?

Do you like a challenge? I know plenty of people who enjoy pushing their abilities to the limit, regardless of whether they are talking about something physical or something mental. For many people, the best way to push themselves is with a challenging riddle. After all, they may seem easy on the surface but once you try to figure them out, they are quite tough to solve.

Of course, there are different types of riddles, including the type we are giving to you here; a word riddle. When you first hear it, you will recognise that it seems as if it should be easy to solve but wait until you try to solve it! It seems the more you try, the more elusive the answer is going to be.


Did you know that riddles have been around for quite a while? In fact, there are examples of riddles that still exist, even though they were written thousands of years ago. This riddle is not quite that old but when you consider how challenging it is, it just may stand the test of time. When you are ready for the answer, click the next button.

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