Are You Motherly?

Biologically speaking, there are very few qualifications to being a mother. You need to be the proper gender and you have to have the ability to have children. In fact, statistics show that over 50% of all women between the ages of 15 and 44 have children, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that each of those mothers is going to be motherly. As a matter of fact, it takes a special sort of person to show those qualities.

Being motherly goes beyond having the ability to have children and raising them successfully. It involves having the characteristics of a mother, including the protective, caring and kindness that is often associated with motherhood. Each of us displays these qualities to a different extent, so the question really is, how motherly are you? That is what this quiz is designed to help you to determine, and the accuracy is amazing.

Although it is not strictly necessary to display these motherly qualities if you have children, it certainly can benefit both you and the children in that parental relationship. Studies have shown that children who are raised by a protective and loving mother grow up to be better balanced and productive members of society.

Do you have the natural instinct to care for others and protect them? Are you a whiz at making cuts and scrapes all better and baking cookies and other treats? Take this quiz now to find out how motherly you really are!

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