35% Of People Cannot Tell How Many Girls There Are In This Photo. How About You?

Photography when done properly, can produce the most amazing results, and has the capability of being able to remind people of special moments, or how their children have changed over the years. If you know what you are doing, photography can also be used to trick the mind, or at least cause some confusion in regards to what the eyes are actually seeing which gives us the opportunity to let you try this amazing test.

It really is rather clever and very well done, and has provoked quite a bit of discussion in our offices.It reminds me a little of the coloured dress picture a few months back. In the photograph below there are a number of girls. The test is for you to ascertain how many girls are in the picture. About sixty-five percent of people normally get the correct answer, so you should stand a good chance of getting it right, but it’s not as easy as you might imagine.

So have a careful look at the photograph and then let us know in the comments how you got on. I feel our readership are a clever bunch so I expect to beat that 65 percent average. Our readers are certainly better than average.

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